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Summer UK Tour Is Finished!

Walking Targets/Get It Together UK Tour

Thats it, tour is over! We are all absolutely gutted that we have to go back to the real world on Monday morning, but at least we’ll be able to sit and daydream about it at work and pretend we aren’t actually there.

Massive thank you to everyone who put us on, gave us a place to sleep, bought something, sang along, told us you enjoyed us and even just turning up, it means a lot to all of us that people actually care.

Thanks as well to The Walking Targets, who we will soon be the legal guardians of (once the paperworks been finalised). Check out there album right here… and you definitely should because we all agree it is one of the best debut albums we have heard in a long time, especially for such wee boys!

But aye, we’ve had the best time and feel incredibly privileged to have been given the opportunity to go out for 2 weeks with a band we love, playing songs that we wrote for people around the country. So thank you, so so much.

End of sappy post (which will probably get deleted when Mark or Crabs see it and want to write something more eloquent).


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