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Rebuild, Recover 7″ To be released on Make That A Take Records

About a month ago we said on our facebook page to keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news in the next few weeks. Make-That-A-Take Records broke the news last night so I’ll just copy what they posted: “We are absolutely delighted to announce that one of our next releases will be the “Rebuild, Recover” 7″ EP from our good friends Get It Together. The 7″ will be released at BOOK YER ANE FEST VIII, which will double as the launch show and at which Get It Together shall be performing. We’re very excited to be helping our friends put their first vinyl record out! FFO; Descendents / H20 / Comeback Kid /Propagandhi” We are super excited about this and hopefully soon we’ll be able to let you hear something from the new record. We will be finishing recording in the next week or so and the artwork is almost ready too so we’ll hopefully be able to post something before the month is out. GIT x

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Get It Together supporting Austrian Punks BHF in Edinburgh.

We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting Austrian melodic hardcore band BHF on the Edinburgh show of their UK tour. Joining us on the bill will be our good pals The Walking Targets and Elk Gang. Anti-manifesto will be putting this gig on at their usual location at The Banshee Labyrinth on September 21st 2014. A Great lineup for the usual £5 entry promises to be a great night! BHF – Austrian politically charged melodic hardcore band on Laserlife Records. FFO: Astpai, Red Lights Flash and Propagandhi. Check them out here: The Walking Targets – Edinburgh’s favourite punk rockers. Buy their new album “Chasing Days” on Round Dog Records. FFO: Iron Chic, Hot Water Music, Dear Landlord. Check them out here: Elk Gang – Melodic punk rock/hardcore from Edinburgh feat. 3 people that used to be in Shields Up and 3 people who are still in Taking Chase. FFO: Touche Amore, Iron Chic, The Flatliners. Check them out here: BHF, The Walking Targets, Get It Together & Elk Gang You can keep up to date with our other shows on this page. GIT x

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Get It Together in studio recording for a new four track release.

We’ve been kinda quite on the gig front recently as we’ve been busy working hard on polishing off some new songs for a new release. Perspectives is old news. We spent the weekend in the studio with Boab (Punk Rock Rammy) recording drums and bass for our as of yet untitled 7″. Guitars and vocals will be getting recorded over the next weekend or two. More details will follow soon about the release date and some related exciting news! We’ll keep you all posted. These are all songs that you will have heard live if you’ve seen us in the last couple of months so they are well practised. Hopefully that will come across in the recordings. Last time we were in the studio (this time last year), we recorded our nine track debut ep “Perspectives” with Boab (Punk Rock Rammy). Perspectives If you haven’t checked it out before then you can listen to it for free at our bandcamp page. Perspectives by Get It Together GIT x

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Make Yer Ane Comp V is released!

Make Yer Ane Comp V by Various Artists Get your hands on this belter from the guys at Make That A Take Records. We are thrilled to be on Make Yer Ane Comp V and to be surrounded by such illustrious company. The collection of artists on this compilation shows just how healthy the Scottish and the rest of the UK DIY music scene is. Long may it continue! Make Yer Ane Comp V is the latest and biggest (This one has 40 tracks!) installment of the Make Yer Ane Comp series, all of which are available for free/pay-what-you-want download. Tracklisting is as follows: 1.The Walking Targets – “Threads” 2. The Kimberly Steaks – “Wrong Exit” 3. Get It Together – “Carry You” 4. The Murderburgers – “Turning 25 Was Shit” 5. Sink Alaska – “Hitless Wonder” 6. Bear Trade – “Bleeding Heart Trouble” 7. Guerrilla Monsoon – “Big City Plan” 8. Lachance – “Bright Hearts Burning” 9. Kaddish – “End, As In Aim” 10, Uniforms – “Father’s Day” 11. Frown – “Under Hot Sun” 12. Billy Liar – “Sleep” 13. The Doublecross – “Houses and Homes” 14. Terrafraid – “The Fall” 15. First Step To Failure – “Drowning Out” 16. Don Blake – “Underpants Collection” 17. The Luddite – “Quitar” 18. Eddy & the T-Bolts – “Holy Wars and Mental Wards” 19. Zen Fuck-Ups – “Victim” 20. The Shithawks – “Do It Cool” 21. Rope Spasm – “Marlboro Man” 22. Bed of Wasps – “Failing” 23. Algernon Doll – “Relate” 24. Hahira – “Febrile” 25. Stonethrower – “Vector-Borne” 26. Proverbs – “8” 27. Condolences – “Dearly Departed” 28. Broken Stories – “Best of Friends” 29. Question The Mark – “Whatgoesaroundcomesaround” 30. Shatterhand – “Mosaic” 31. Maxwells Dead – “I Just Wanna Say (Fuck You!)” 32. The Rocco Lampones – “S.O.S.” 33. Robot Doctors – “Rules” 34. Tim Loud – “No Gods, No Masters” 35. Lovers Turn to Monsters – “One Day At One Moment…” 36. Mark McCabe – “My Disguise Is Better Than Yours” 37. The Cinnamon Service – “Grace” 38. Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart – “Poor You” 39. Tragical History Tour – “Rebel Girl” (Bikini Kill) 40. Danny, Champion Of Nothing – “Hawthorn Ridge” GIT x

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Summer UK Tour Is Finished!

Thats it, tour is over! We are all absolutely gutted that we have to go back to the real world on Monday morning, but at least we’ll be able to sit and daydream about it at work and pretend we aren’t actually there. Massive thank you to everyone who put us on, gave us a place to sleep, bought something, sang along, told us you enjoyed us and even just turning up, it means a lot to all of us that people actually care. Thanks as well to The Walking Targets, who we will soon be the legal guardians of (once the paperworks been finalised). Check out there album right here… and you definitely should because we all agree it is one of the best debut albums we have heard in a long time, especially for such wee boys! But aye, we’ve had the best time and feel incredibly privileged to have been given the opportunity to go out for 2 weeks with a band we love, playing songs that we wrote for people around the country. So thank you, so so much. End of sappy post (which will probably get deleted when Mark or Crabs see it and want to write something more eloquent). GIT x

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Summer Tour Announced with The Walking Targets!

Chasing Days by The Walking Targets We are excited to announce that we will be joining young Edinburgh punks, The Walking Targets on a UK summer tour. These talented young gentlemen are self-releasing their debut album. Based on their track record you get the impression it’s going to be an absolute belter. Hearing this song, you KNOW it’s going to be an absolute belter. We’re very fortunate to be sharing a van with The Walking Targets over a couple of weeks in June and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ll have exact locations, time, bands we’re playing with etc very soon but in the mean time here’s a preview of where we’re gonna be on tour. We’re looking for a little bit of support arranging shows on the 8th, 10th, 16th & 17th. I’ve outlined some ideal locations but to paraphrase Clark Gable frankly my dears, we don’t give a damn where. If you can help out in any way please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on facebook or via e-mail June 5th – Edinburgh 7th – Workington 8th – HELP (North East/Yorkshire/Lancashire) 9th – Leeds 10th – HELP (Manchester/Liverpool/North Wales/Staffordshire) 11th – Warrington 12th – Bridgend 13th – TBC (Midlands, London, South Coast) 14th – Guildford 15th – Leicester 16th – HELP (East of England/Midlands) 17th – HELP (North East/Yorkshire/Lancashire) 18th – Glasgow 19th – Dundee 20th – Aberdeen We have more news to come in the coming weeks but we hope to see you soon!!! GIT x